Few Accomplishments.

​​​​​​​My ​name is Ken Atkins and I am running for Congress . I am not a politician . I am a passionate patriotic conservative man who loves this Country and can not look the other way while career politicians/lawyers run this great Country into the ground while accumulating nineteen trillion dollars of debt . My son`s generation and even unborn generations will have to address this debt and that to me is criminal and selfish . Most of my life I have been a business man but now I have to step up for my Country and for working men and women like myself who have no representation . I have no intention of grabbing power and wealth through politics which unfortunately is the rule . Your current Representative is leaving  after six years with two million dollars more than day one . My foremost  objective as your Representative is to work diligently to bring good paying jobs to our area . I will also work with other true conservatives to cut spending starting with Federal Departments some of which in my opinion should be eliminated . There is so much waste and cronyism that must be stopped . Some sanity , common sense , and basic integrity is overdue . I need your help , so get on board and join this effort . 

  As a business person , I sent more than 20  million dollars in tax revenue to the state of Tennessee .                                                                         I had seventy  well paid employees and never missed a forty thousand dollar per week payroll .                                                                              I served on the City of Covington , Tn . School Board where I was instrumental in consolidating the City and County school systems . This forward thinking action has saved the City millions of dollars over the years and stopped the bitter divisiveness .                      I was a member of the Arrow Head group that developed The Links Subdivision in Covington, Tn . which is a beautiful setting of nice homes on the golf course and a major revenue source for the City .                I served on the Mid South Chevy Dealers advertising board where we had a two million dollar yearly budget . Our hard work established the  mid south region as number one in the Country in market share .                                                                                        My greatest accomplishment has been the easiest , raising a wonderful son who is now 21 years old . Jay Spencer Atkins is a student at U .T . Martin where he has excelled and earned scholarships including "honors ." He is paying for his own college through hard work . Proud of my son .

I am a Christian  that believes in the power of prayer  and the power of good that  lives in the hearts of all of us , all Americans .  Mr. Obama this a Christian Country , always has been , always will be .  America is great . Anyone , regardless of background , can achieve anything in this great Country .  People this is what I believe .  I know that I can accomplish  the things  I have been talking about .  Even some of our local leaders have told me that job growth is up to the Governor and that we don`t have the workforce anyway . I understand their sentiment , easy to get beat down these days , but they are wrong . It takes someone with vision , with integrity ,  work ethic ,  and positive thought to help make positive things happen for all of us .  I am this person .    What greater accomplishment  could  one have than helping families live with dignity and prosperity ?  

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