If free trade equals wiping out the middle working class , depleting state and local tax basis and  affecting millions of smart hard working families  to live near the poverty rate , then I am against it . The NAFTA  and WTO  so called ' free trade ' deals since 1994 have caused devastation to this country and hard working families and the poor. We have lost 55,000 factories and  millions of good paying jobs . Hard working men and women have been forced into obtaining service and part time employment to take care of their families . City municipalities have gone broke . Flint Michigan , a once industrial giant , now has poisoned water and poverty . I could go on and on . Let me tell you this eighth district , Tn . , the politicians/lawyers and lobby caused this ongoing devastation while  enriching themselves with power and money . This is why we need non politician/lawyers to represent hard working men and women that want and deserve a great paying job . A job that offers you the ability to take care of your family with pride and dignity . I am for free trade and  capitalism but we have to make better deals that allow everyone to participate .