For the working man and woman

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I am Ken Atkins and I approve this website .

" A vote for Ken Atkins is a vote for yourself . "

I am a candidate for for the U.S. House of Representatives  in the eight district of Tennessee . 

My son Spencer and I.

 You will see as you read on that most of  my focus is on jobs for  us ,  people like you and  me , the working  man and woman .  Let me ask you a question . Does anyone in Congress represent you ?  Do you hear from them other than in  election season ?  Do you believe the TV commercials saying ; Washington is broken , evil and so forth . The same people they are blasting are paying for  their ads . They boast of having the cure for all problems . They are the problem folks.  We need people like myself to win all over the Country to push back against the political status que  that does not represent us . They actually represent against us .  I  will represent you . I`m the same as you . That is why I say that " A vote for Ken Atkins is a vote for yourself . "  

Ken Atkins for Congress