In the last several years 4o million legal non citizen  and illegal  immigrants have flooded across our southern border . Republican and democrat politicians/lawyers controlled by lobby have encouraged this illegal assault on  American working men and women .  Their objective is to drive down labor cost . This coupled with bad trade deals have done just that .  Average income is less now than in 1975 .  While these people are taking our jobs they are also getting an average of $25,000. per family in yearly benefits .   Recently the administration has encourage hundreds of  thousands from Central America to flood our border while giving I.C.E. and Border Patrol agents a stand down order .  Crime is up in our cities . Memphis murder rate has surged this year .  Forty percent of young men in Memphis are not employed . There are causes and consequences for the calloused policy of politicians/lawyers . Their greed has no end . Our math and engineering students , after accumulating enormous college debt , are having to get jobs in different fields because of foreigners` willingness to work for less . We are  also losing our identity and culture as Americans .  We have to stand up and preserve this great country or it will be lost .