My number one objective as your Congressman is to bring  jobs to our district . I will focus daily on this task and I will get results . With the help of state and local officials , Chambers of Commerce , Industrial boards and business men and women , we will see results quickly . Positive growth has a way of creating excitement with more business entities wanting to be involved with start ups and expansions . I have a vision of seeing West Tennessee become  a flourishing growth area with high paying jobs and essentially  no unemployment . Every person should have the dignity that a great paying job produces and the ability to provide for their families . Quick example ; Volvo made a deal last year to build their first U.S. factory in North Carolina . Could we have gotten that deal ? Did we try ? 

As a true conservative allow me to briefly address a few things :  Without the second amendment , we would lose the first , fourth and so on .  I will fight for our right to bear arms first and foremost . I have 100% rating with the NRA .  All illegal immigrants and those overstaying their visas should be deported . We should immediately halt the importation of  Syrian refugees .  I will fight for the rights of  unborn children and push to defund and prosecute  planned parenthood .  I will fight for a balanced federal budget . I will push to defund the Affordable Care Act . I will fight for Religious Freedom and free speech . I will fight to repeal regulations  which are  implemented illegally , outside the constitution . Only Congress can make laws. I will bring a common sense strong approach to solve the middle east , ISIS and terrorism  problems .  I will work to drastically downsize the education department . Education should be under state and county control . I will bring a bill to alter our trade deals to include  the middle class . I will bring a bill to protect our law enforcement from an overreaching bullying Federal Government that is trying to nationalize local law enforcement . I stand  for our veterans and will fight for there right to go to any hospital . I will fight global warming propagandist . It is just a money grab . I stand with our military and will support each and every man and woman that is willing to stand up and protect this country . The military can no longer be used by the left for social experiments .